ALMA - Atacama Large Millimetre Array

ALMA-ARC ALMA Regional Center

CRAF - Spectrum Management for protection of Radioastronomy

EVN - European VLBI Network

e-VLBI - electronic-VLBI

IVS - International VLBI Service for Geodesy & Astrometry

JIVE - Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe

LOFAR - LOw Frequency ARray

Italian LOFAR Web Pages

NEXPReS Novel Explorations Pushing Robust e-VLBI Services

RadioNet - Advanced Radioastronomy in Europe

SKA - Square Kilometer Array

SKA-SWG - Chairs Meeting Minutes

Italian SKA Web Pages

SRT - Sardinia Radio Telescope

SETI Italia Official Web Site

VIRMOS PROJECT - Visible-Infrared Spectrograph for VLT