Tools to move data from/to "TANKs " systems

Our "TANKs"  system ( tank-Mc, tank-Nt, Tank-SRT ) are connect to a 10 Gbit/sec network (jumbo frames).  Raid  disks can  work at a speed in the range 500-1000 MByte/sec.

We support different tools and protocols to optimize the copy of the files  You can choise the best solution, depending on your network connection, to  optimize the work.

Please remember that the SSH based commands ( sftp, scp etc ) are not optimized for the transfer of big files.

TCP based tools:

-- FTP:  For bidirectional data transfer. ( )
The "TANKs" run a ftp server. Ftp clients are standard in many distributions, or you can install from a repository.
To start ftp from a client you can use the command 

> ftp

Our test: speed on LAN  79 MByte/s

-- WGET  To download files.    (        
Wget clients are standard in many distribuitions.
Wget use the ftp server on the "TANKs", username and password must be provided in line mode


Our test: speed on LAN  79 MByte/s

The TCP based command can give problems in the data tranfer between far nodes  (continental path)  where there are congestions on  routers.
The follow commands  are optimized to move data on these longh paths.

-- GridFTP : For bidirectional data transfer   ( )               
The "TANKs"  run a  GridFTP server that work on IP PORT: 24383.  The Grid-FTP client is not part of a standard linux distribution, but must be installed on the client computer..  More Info about Grid-FTP.    

         >  globus-url-copy -vb \

        Our test: speed on LAN  50 MByte/s

--TSUNAMI : for bidirectional transfer of vlbi data. (

The "TANKs"  host a copy of the tsunami software that can run as a server. A copy of  tsunamy software must be installed also on the client.   Tsunami can be optimize for transfer with the parameters

You can connect (ssh ) on the "TANKs' , change directory ( cd) where are the data thet you want to transfer and start the server with  the  the command:

> tsunamid

Then on your client you must start tsunami, connect with the TANK , sets the parameters and get/put the file.

> tsunami
tsunami> connect
tsunami> set rate 1G
tsunami> get MYFILE

More info about the use of  tsunami in the note

Policy :  Data older than 60 days will be moved in the ../quarantine/ directory where they will remain for another 30 days, then will be deleted