Call for Proposals

The Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica offers observing time at the two 32-m radio telescopes in Medicina and Noto. 


We strongly recommend to read detailed information at the following page (which also links to useful tools and resources):

As a consequence the proposal forms have been changed. We thus strongly urge proposers to use the new version of the style file.


The Medicina telescope is furnished with a suite of receivers covering the 1.4-26 GHz range and operating in frequency agility.

We particularly highlight the 18-26.5 GHz double-horn system. For continuum observations a total-power backend is provided; it allows observations with an instantaneous bandwidth up to 2 GHz. Spectroscopic observations can be performed with XARCOS, a newly installed 2048-channel digital spectrometer, offered in shared risk, with instantaneous bandwidths varying from 0.488 MHz to 62.5 MHz and a consequent maximum spectral resolution equal to 120 Hz.
The Medicina telescope is equipped with the Enhanced Single-dish Control System (ESCS), a telescope operating system - developed in the framework of the DISCOS project - allowing optimised single-dish observations. It currently integrates the above-mentioned receivers and backends.
The telescope at Noto possesses an active surface which increases the telescope efficiency, in particular at high frequencies. The presently available receivers are: 5 GHz, 6 GHz, 22 GHz. Observations are generally carried out using the “Field System” control software. However, we have recently installed the new control system ESCS.  For the time being usage of ESCS in combination with a total power backend and a bandwidth of 450 MHz is offered for observations in C-band (5 GHz) on a shared-risk basis. We strongly recommend that observers planning to use this option at Noto contact for assistance.

Coordination of the two telescopes for two-antenna VLBI or simultaneous single-dish observations is possible. VLBI observers should however provide disks and correlator time. Visiting astronomers can also install their own backends.

For enquiries and updates please contact us writing to 

Proposals for observing time in the period 1st December 2017 to 31st May 2018 should include the INAF cover form. The package for proposal preparation can be downloaded from the URL in the frame to the left. They should be sent by 2nd October 2017 to the Istituto di  Radioastronomia following the instructions on the given URL. Furthermore, the Istituto invites submission of target-of-opportunity proposals at any time. These proposals should be submitted using the official proposal form. Evaluation and observations will be carried out rapidly if the requested telescope is available. Please check the telescope schedules prior to submission of such a proposal. Observers with specific scheduling requirements are requested to justify these in the proposal.

The next regular deadline will be on April 2nd, 2018.

Due to the critical funding situation we are unable to guarantee full technical support beyond standard working hours.


For any publications based on observations with the IRA telescopes please use the following acknowledgement:

"Based on observations with the Medicina (Noto) telescope operated by INAF - Istituto di Radioastronomia" and please send a copy of any paper using the IRA telescopes data to Jan Brand - e-mail: brand (at)