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- Source(s):    (i) single source name (sent to the SIMBAD name resolver)

                        (ii) single source coordinates
                             format must be:   RA (hh mm ss.ss)   DEC (dd mm ss.ss)

                        (iii) choose local file, containing a list of the sources

- Date:  observing date - YYYY/MM/DD

- Site name:  select the desired facility from the list

- Lower elevation:  lower elevation threshold (degrees)

- Upper elevation:  upper elevation threshold (degrees)

tested with:

CASTIA - Source Visibility

CASTIA is a software package able to check radio source visibility at a given date from a collection of international facilities. The tool outputs plots containing the visibility and the elevation of radio sources versus time. A special mark is used for the transit time and visual warnings are present when the azimuth rate is beyond the recommended limit or superposition with the sun/moon occurs. The query can be done by source name, sent to the SIMBAD name resolver for finding the corresponding right ascension and declination, or by giving coordinates for a single source or for a group of targets.


Source name (SIMBAD search):
Ra: Dec:
Site Name:
Lower elevation:
Upper elevation:

Ops, there was an error!

probably the source file is not formatted correctly, look at the log file