• SOC

    Marco Bartolini (IRA-INAF)

    Pietro Bolli (IRA-INAF)

    Rehinard Keller (MPIfR)

    Richard Dodson (ICRAR, Australia)

    Michael Lindqvist (OSO)

    Karl-Heinz Mack (IRA-INAF)

    Heiko Hafok (MPIfR)

    Maria J. Rioja (ICRAR , Australia)

    Andrea Orlati (IRA-INAF)

    Alessandra Zanichelli (IRA-INAF)

  • LOC

    Pietro Bolli (IRA-INAF)

    Patrizia Braschi (INAF-OAA)

    Gianni Comoretto (INAF-OAA)

    Renzo Nesti (INAF-OAA)

    Dario Panella (INAF-OAA)

    Matteo Stagni (IRA-INAF)


  • September 1, 2015 : Registration deadline
  • September 1, 2015 : Abstract submission deadline


Limited financial assistance can be provided for speakers and eventually attendees. For more information, please:

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The abstracts will be made available as a workshop worksheet. Presentations will be published on the Internet after the meeting and authors will be asked to proivide an authorized copy of their presentation