The final Program is not yet fixed and subject of change:
Monday, September 1; 12:00h
12:00h Coming together at a Lunch Snack
• Welcome Address (Michael Lindqvist, OSO / Reinhard Keller, MPIfR)
13:00h Metrology challenges at new radio telescopes:
• Summary of metrology problems (J. Baars, MPIfR)
14:30h Coffee Break
15:00h Measurement of the optical behavior of radio telescopes:
• The metrology system of the Sardinia Radio Telescope (Giampaolo Serra, OAC- INAF, Cagliari)
• Holography at the 40-m Yebes telescope (Jose Antonio Lopez Perez, Centro Astronomico de Yebes)
• Holographic measurements of the AEM ALMA antennas (Robert Laing, ESO)
• Combination of with-phase and phase-retrieval holography.(Richard Prestage, NRAO)
• VLBI observation biases induced by antenna gravitational flexures (Pierguido Sarti, IRA-INAF Bologna)
• Laser Ranging (Axel Nothnagel, Univ. Bonn)
• Experimental scanning of the Vlbi Antenna in Metsähovi (Ulla Kallio, Finnish Geodetic Institute)
20:00h Workshop Dinner

Tuesday, September 2; End at 16:00h
9:00h Measurement of time and frequency at radio telescopes:
• Constant frequency references (Froudeveaux, T4science)
• Time reference systems (Wolfgang Schäfer, timetech, TBC)
• Time and frequency distribution for mm-Wave VLBI (Alan Roy, MPIfR)
13:00h Lunch
14:00h Metrology from industries
• Metrology systems for radio astronomy at EIE Groupat (Gianpietro Marchiori (EIE group)
• Validation of Thermal Metrology for the AEM ALMA Antennas (Robert Laing, ESO)
• Metrology systems for radio astronomy at MTM (Thomas Zimmerer, MTM)
• Photogrammetry (Heiko Paluszek Sigma3D)
16:00h End of workshop

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