This FAQ has 11 sections. It is available by anonymous ftp to in ASCII, and 
    there are also LaTeX, DVI, and PostScript formats. 

       1 General Questions 
          1.1 What is PostScript? 
          1.2 How can I tell how many pages my document will have? 
          1.3 How can I print just one page or a few pages from a big 
          1.4 How can I print more than one page per sheet of paper? 
          1.5 How can I edit a PostScript picture? 
          1.6 How can I print PostScript on a non-PostScript printer? 
          1.7 What other graphics languages are there? 
       2 Printers 
          2.1 How can I get my printer to talk back to me? 
          2.2 Should I leave my printer on? 
          2.3 How do I suppress the power-on start page? 
          2.4 How do I make a downloaded font ``persistent''? 
          2.5 How do I remove a persistent (``permanent'') downloaded font? 
          2.6 How do I reset the printer without power-cycling? 
          2.7 About saving files 
          2.8 What's the control-D business? 
          2.9 Why does the printer say ``still busy'' when my document is 
          2.10 How should I set up my spoolers? 
          2.11 What are PPD files? 
          2.12 What's a timeout error? 
       3 Formats and Conversions 
          3.1 How can I convert PostScript to some other graphics format? 
          3.2 How can I convert DVI to PostScript? 
          3.3 How can I convert HP Laserjet language (PCL) to PostScript? 
          3.4 How can I convert TeX PK format font to PostScript? 
          3.5 How do I embed PostScript into troff? 
          3.6 How do I embed PostScript into LaTeX or TeX? 
          3.7 How can I convert an image to PostScript? 
          3.8 How can I convert ASCII text to PostScript? 
          3.9 How can I convert PostScript to ASCII? 
          3.10 How do I convert between PFB, PFA, Mac, PFM, and AFM? 
       4 Fonts 
          4.1 What are .PFB and .PFA files? 
          4.2 How can I convert a PostScript font to TeX's PK format? 
          4.3 Why are Adobe fonts hidden? 
          4.4 How do I get bitmap representations of Adobe fonts? 
          4.5 What are some good ftp sites for fonts? 
          4.6 How can I re-encode a font? 
          4.7 What's the difference between a Type 1 and a Type 3 font? 
          4.8 What vendors sell fonts for PostScript printers? 
          4.9 What are ATM fonts? 
          4.10 What are Multiple Master Fonts? 
          4.11 Do I need a Level Two printer to use Multiple Master Fonts? 
          4.12 What are Type 4 fonts? 
          4.13 What are Type 5 fonts? 
          4.14 Is there an editor for Type 1 Fonts? 
       5 Books 
          5.1 Books 
          5.2 Publishers 
       6 About Adobe 
          6.1 How do I get in touch with Adobe? 
          6.2 What can Adobe do for me? 
       7 Programming in PostScript 
          7.1 What is PostScript level 2? 
          7.2 Should I learn level 2 PostScript? 
          7.3 Where can I find examples of PostScript code? 
          7.4 How do I get the physical size of a page? 
          7.5 Why can't I do a pathforall after a charpath ? 
          7.6 How do I center a string of text around a point? 
          7.7 How can I concatenate two strings together? 
          7.8 What do I do when I get stack overflow/underflow? 
          7.9 How can I print in landscape mode? 
       8 Computer-specific PostScript 
          8.1 Sun Workstations 
          8.2 IBM PC 
          8.3 Apple Macintosh 
       9 Encapsulated PostScript 
          9.1 What is Encapsulated PostScript? 
          9.2 What are EPSI and EPSF? 
          9.3 How do I convert PostScript to EPS? 
          9.4 How do I get the bounding box of a PostScript picture? 
       10 About The Comp.Lang.PostScript FAQ (and Usenet Guide to 
          10.1 The PostScript FAQ: What is it? 
          10.2 How to get the FAQ files 
          10.3 How to write a FAQ answer 
          10.4 The FAQ can contain LaTeX and PostScript inserts 
          10.5 Revising the FAQ 
          10.6 How to submit new information 
          10.7 How to add a program description to the FAQ index 
          10.8 How to add a book description to the FAQ 
          10.9 Questions that need answers 
       11 About PostScript 2 
          11.1 What printers support Level 2 PostScript? 
          11.2 What is PostScript Level 2? 
          11.3 [ Color Extensions ] 
          11.4 [ Composite Font Extensions ] 
          11.5 [ Display PostScript Extensions ] 
          11.6 [ Overview of Level 2 Features ] 
          11.7 Filters 
          11.8 Binary Encoding 
          11.9 Optimized graphics operators 
          11.10 Optimized text operators 
          11.11 Forms 
          11.12 Patterns 
          11.13 Images 
          11.14 Composite Fonts 
          11.15 New Color Spaces 
          11.16 New screening/halftoning technology 
          11.17 Improved printer support features 
          11.18 Interpreter parameters 
          11.19 Resources 
          11.20 Dictionaries 
          11.21 When did Level 2 products come available? 
          11.22 Are Level 1 and Level 2 implementations compatible?