The Connection between Radio Properties and High Energy Emission in AGN

A Joint Discussion at the XXVIII IAU General Assembly

Beijing, 23-24 August 2012


Coordinating IAU Division: X   Radio Astronomy

Supporting Divisions:    XI   Space & High Energy Astrophysics

                                      VIII Galaxies & the Universe

                                      IX   Optical & Infrared Techniques

Invited speakers

  1. Teddy Cheung (NRC/Naval Research Lab.)

  2. Nikolaj Kardashev (Russian Astro Space Center, Lebedev Physical Institute)

  3. Matthew L. Lister (Department of Physics at Purdue Univ.)

  4. Talvikki Hovatta (Caltech)

  5. Zhiqiang Shen (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory)

  6. Lukasz Stawarz (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)

  7. Fabrizio Tavecchio (Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera)

  8. Alexander Tchekhovskoy (Center for Theoretical Science Fellow Princeton Univ.)

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