The left panel shows the EVN dirty image of the combined 13 bursts from FRB 20201124A (color image) with respect to the previously reported burst positions. The right panel shows the continuum map with no significant compact emission from the combined two EVN epochs (gray scale) with respect to the VLA and uGMRT persistent source positions, and the optical galaxy from DSS (dotted contours). The position of FRB 20201124A is indicated by the black circle (where the uncertainty region has been extended by a factor of 20 to make it better visible).

This figure is the result of two runs of the EVN experiment EK048 carried out on 2021 April 10 and 19; further details are reported in Astronomer’s Telegram #14603 and in the paper “Milliarcsecond localisation of the repeating FRB 20201124A” by Nimmo et al. 2022, ApJL 927, 3 (arxiv, ads, journal)