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Andrea Botteon

Staff researcher at INAF-IRA

INAF-IRA, room 304 (1st floor)
via Gobetti 101
40129, Bologna, Italy

Phone:  +39 051 6399423
Email:  andrea.botteon[AT]inaf.it

    I am an Italian astrophysicist working at INAF-IRA in Bologna, Italy. My research is mainly focused on non-thermal phenomena in merging galaxy clusters. I use radio (LOFAR, uGMRT, VLA, MeerKAT) and X-ray (Chandra, XMM-Newton) observations to study the processes undergoing in the intra-cluster medium during these energetic events.

    I am a staff researcher at INAF-IRA since March 2023. Previously, I was a Postdoc at University of Bologna and INAF-IRA (2022-2023), at Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands (2019-2022), and again at University of Bologna and INAF-IRA (2018-2019), where I have also carried out my PhD in Astrophysics (2015-2018), Master Degree in Astrophysics and Cosmology (2013-2015), and Bachelor Degree in Astronomy (2010-2013).

Research interests:

  • Cluster-scale diffuse synchrotron sources (radio halos, relics, filaments)
  • Shocks in merging galaxy clusters
  • Particle acceleration mechanisms in the ICM
  • Pre-merging galaxy clusters
  • Inverse Compton emission from the ICM

My papers