Last update 29/08/17

This list contains information on the journals listed in Part 1 for the years 1995 onwards
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As of 1 Jan. 1999 all journals go directly to the Biblioteca Centrale. Therefore, this list only lists journals up to then; check the website of the Biblioteca Centrale for 1999 and later.

Part 1: List of journals arriving at IRA

Part 2: Up-to-date info on arrivals
Of the journals that arrive at TeSRE, info is provided only for AJ, ApJ, Nature, Sp.Sci.Rev.

Part 3: Newsletters (incl. the ESO Messenger and Spectrum)

Part 4: Annual Reports

Part 1: Riviste in abbonamento

Part 2: Riviste arrivate.

Part 3: Newsletters

Part 4: Annual Reports