New books [2015-2016] in the IRA-IASF library

Ordered alphabetically

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(latest update: 23 June 2016)

----------  2016 books  --------------------------

Andreon S. & Weaver B.                          Bayesian Methods for the Physical Sciences 
Appenzeller I.                                  Introduction to Astronomical Spectroscopy
Brown L.M. (ed.)                                Feynman's Thesis - A New Approach to Quantum Theory
Cunningham J. & Herr N.                         Hands-on Physics Activities with real-life applications  at V.C.
Dick S.J.                                       Discovery and Classification in Astronomy - Controversy and Consensus
Fleisch, D.                                     A Student's Guide to Vectores and Tensors
Fleisch, D. & Kinnaman L.                       A Student's Guide to Waves
Fleisch, D. & Kregenow J.                       A Student's Guide to the Mathematics of Astronomy
Gail H.-P. & Sedlmayer E.                       Physics and Chemistry of Circumstellar Dust Shells
Gardner R.                                      Light, Sound, and Waves (Science Fair Projects)  at V.C.
Gonzalo J.A.                                    Cosmic Paradoxes
Hutchinson I.H.                                 A Student's Guide to Numerical Methods
Koberlein B. & Meisel D.                        Astrophysics through computation [with Mathematica(R) Support]
Lambourne R.J.A.                                Relativity, Gravitation and Cosmology
Mangabeira Unger R. & Smolin L.                 The Singular Universe and the Reality of Time
Montani, Battisti, Benini & Imponente           Primordial Cosmology
Prialnik D.                                     An Introduction to the Theory of Stellar Structure and Evolution
Rothery D., Gilmour I. & Sephton M.A. (eds.)    An Introduction to Astrobiology (revised ed. 2011)
Serjeant S.                                     Observational Cosmology
Stewart J.M.                                    Python for Scientists
Vakoch D.A. & Dowd M.F.                         The Drake Equation
Veltman M.                                      Facts and Mysteries in Elementary Particle Physics 
von der Linden W., Dose V. & von Toussaint U.   Bayesian Probability Theory

----------  2015 books  --------------------------

Albuquerque, U.P.                               Speaking in Public About Science. A Quick Guide for the Preparation 
                                                of Good Lectures, Seminars, and Scientific Presentations
Apai, D. & Lauretta, D.S. (eds.)                Protoplanetary Dust - Astrophysical and cosmochemical perspectives
Belmont, G. et al.                              Collisionless Plasmas in Astrophysics
Calonico, D, & Oldani, R.                       Il Tempo e' atomico. Breve storia della misura del tempo
Chattopadhyay, A.K. & Chattopadhyay, T.         Statistical Methods for Astronomical Data Analysis
Clarricoats, P.J.B. & Olver, A.D.               Corrugated horns for microwave antennas MEDICINA
Clements, D.                                    Infrared Astronomy - Seeing the Heat. 
                                                From William Herschel to the Herschel Space Observatory
Contopoulos, I., Gabuza, D., Kylafis, .N.       The Formation and Disruption of Black Hole Jets
Cooray, V.                                      The lightning flash
de Grijs, R.                                    An Introduction to Distance Measurement in Astronomy
Diver, D.                                       Plasma Formulary for Physics, Astronomy, and Technology
Einasto, J.                                     Dark Matter and Cosmic Web Story
Fabiani, S. & Muleri, F.                        Astronomical X-RAY Polarimetry
Falanga, al.                               The Physics of Accretion onto Black Holes
Gargaud, M., Martin, H. & Claeys, P. (eds.)     Lectures in Astrobiology Vol. II
Gonzales Martinez-Pais, I., Shahbaz, T. &       Accretion Processes in Astrophysics
Casares Velasquez, J.
Gray, M.                                        Maser Sources in Astrophysics
Groppi, F. & Zuccaro, C.                        Impianti solari fotovoltaici a norme CEI (VII ed.) MEDICINA
                                                Guida per progettisiti e installatori
Jun, N.                                         Principles of Physics - From quantum field theory to classical mechanics
Keiling, A. et al.                              Auroral Phenomenology and Magnetospheric Processes. Earth and Other Planets
Kisslinger, L.S.                                Astrophysics and the Evolution of the Universe
Klein, U. & Fletcher A.                         Galactic and Intergalactic Magnetic Fields
Krause, M.                                      Cern. How We Found the Higgs Boson
Lunine, J.I.                                    Earth - Evolution of a habitable world (2nd. ed.)
Milone, E.F. & Sterken, C. (eds.)               Astronomical Photometry - Past, present, an future
Rowlands, P.                                    The Foundations of Physical Law
Rudiger, G., Kitchatinov, L.L., Hollerbach, R.  Magnetic Processes in Astrophysics - Theory, Simulations, Experiments
Shaw, A.M.                                      Astrochemistry - from astronomy to astrobiology
Shaw, Z.                                        Learn Python the Hard Way (3rd. ed.)
Shostak, S.                                     Confessions of an Alien Hunter
Smith, I.W.M., Cockell, C.S. & Leach, S. (eds.) Astrochemistry and Astrobiology
Somov, B.V.                                     Plasma Astrophysics, Part I - Fundamentals and Practice
Somov, B.V.                                     Plasma Astrophysics, Part II - Reconnection and Flares
Sopuerta, C.                                    Gravitational Wave Astrophysics. 
                                                Proceedings of the Third Session of the Sant Cugat Forum on Astrophysics
Susskind, L.                                    The Black Hole War - My battle with Stephen Hawking to make 
                                                the world safe for quantum mechanics
't Hooft, G.                                    Playing with Planets
't Hooft, G. & Vandoren, S.                     Time in Powers of Ten - Natural phenomena and their timescales
Vaidyanathan, P.P.                              Multirate Systems and Filter Banks MEDICINA
Yamada, K.M.T. & Winnewisser, G. (eds.)         Interstellar Molecules - Their laboratory and interstallar habitat

---------- Proceedings, donated by Francesco Costagliola  --------------------------

Simon, R., Schaaf, R. & Stutzki, J. (eds.)      Conditions and Impact of Star Formation: From Lab to Space (6th Zermatt ISM-Symposium)

---------- IAU Symposia, donated by G. Setti  --------------------------

Nagendra, K.N. et al. (eds.)                    Polarimetry: From the Sun to Stars and Stellar Environments (IAU 305)
Meynet, G. et al. (eds.)                        New Windows on Massive Stars: Asteroseismology, Interferometry and Spectropolarimetry 
                                                  (IAU 307)
Ziegler, B.L. et al. (eds.)                     Galaxies in 3D across the Universe (IAU 309)
Montmerle, T. (ed.)                             Highlights of Astronomy 16 (IAU XXVIII G.A. 2012, Beijing)
Montmerle, T. (ed.)                             Proceedings of the 28th Gen. Ass. Beijing 2012 (IAU XXVIII G.A. 2012, Beijing)
Meiron, Y. et al. (eds.)                        Star Clusters and Black Holes in Galaxies across Cosmic Time (IAU 312)
Massaro, F. et al. (eds.)                       Extragalactic Jets from Every Angle (IAU 313)
Kastner, J.H., Stelzer, B. & Metchev, S. (eds.) Young stars and planets near the Sun (IAU 314)
Bragaglia, A. et al. (eds.)                     The General Assembly of Galaxy Haloes: Structure, Origin and Evolution (IAU 317)
Chesley, S.R. et al. (eds.)                     Asteroids: New Observations, New Models (IAU 318)

---------- Old books, donated by C. Monetti via Roberto and Carla Fanti --------------------------

Born, M.                                        Atomic Physics (7th ed. 1962)
Courant, R. & Hilbert, D.                       Methods of Mathematical Physics Vol. I (1961 printing of 1st Eng. ed. 1953)
Courant, R. & Hilbert, D.                       Methods of Mathematical Physics Vol. II. Partial Differential Equations (1962)
Fermi, E.                                       Particelle Elementari (Ed. italiana, 1963)
Hack, M.                                        Esplorazioni Radioastronomiche (1964)
Hammersley, J.M. & Handscomb, D.C.              Monte Carlo Methods (1964)
Landau, L.D. & Lifschitz, E.M.                  Mechanics (1960) [Course of Theoretical Physics Vol. 1]
Landau, L.D. & Lifschitz, E.M.                  The Classical Theory of Fields (1962 rev. 2nd Eng. ed.) [Vol. 2]
Landau, L.D. & Lifschitz, E.M.                  Quantum Mechanics non-relativistic theory (1962 printing, 1958 ed.) [Vol. 3]
Landau, L.D. & Lifschitz, E.M.                  Elettrodinamica dei mezzi continui (1986) [Fisica Teorica Vol. 8]
Moeller, C.                                     The Theory of Relativity (1962 reprint of 1st ed. 1952)
Persico, E.                                     Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics (1961 reprint of 1st ed. 1950)
Perucca, E.                                     Fisica Generale e Sperimentale. I. Meccanica - Calore (1949)
Perucca, E.                                     Fisica Generale e Sperimentale. II. Ottica - Elettricita' e Magnetismo (1949)
Planck, M.                                      Treatise on Thermodynamics (1926, 3rd rev. Am. ed., from 7th German ed.)
Porter, A.W.                                    The Method of Dimensions (1958 reprint of 3rd ed. 1946)
Reichenbach, H.                                 The philosophy of Space & Time (1958)
Roman, P.                                       Theory of Elementary Particles (1964 2nd printing of 2nd ed.)
Slater, J.C.                                    Quantum Theory of Matter (1951)
Stratton, J.A.                                  Teoria dell'elettromagnetismo (1952)
Symon, K.R.                                     Mechanics (1960 2nd ed.)
Temple, G.                                      The General Principles of Quantum Theory (1961 reprint of 1st ed. 1934)
Tranter, C.J.                                   Integral Transforms in Mathematical Physics (1959 reprint of 2nd enl. ed. 1956)
Tricomi, F.                                     Funzioni Analitiche (1961 reprint of 2nd ed. 1951)
Tricomi, F.G.                                   Equazioni Differenziali (1961 3rd rev. ed.)
Von Neumann, J.                                 Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics (1955
Weyl, H.                                        Space-Time-Matter (1950 - first Am. printing of 4th ed. 1922)
Whittaker, E.T. & Watson, G.N.                  A Course of Modern Analysis (1962 reprint of 4th ed. 1927)

---------- Old books, donated by Roberto and Carla Fanti --------------------------

Taylor, J.R.                                    Introduzione all'analisi degli errori

---------- Old books, donated by Isabella Gioia --------------------------

Chen, Ma, Ng & Li Pen (Eds.)                    AMIBA 2001: High-z Clusters, Missing Baryons, and CMB Polarization (PASP Vol. 257)
Comastri, Cappi & Angelini (Eds.)               X-ray Astronomy 2009: Present Status, Multi-Wavelength Approch and Future Perspectives- 
                                                 International Conference, Bologna 2009
Da Cosata & Renzini (Eds.)                      Galaxy Scaling Relations (ESO Workshop, Garching 1996)
Fusco-Femiano & Matteucci (Eds.)                Chemical Enrichment of the Intracluster and Intergalactic Medium (PASP Vol. 253)
Lobanov, Zensus, Cesarsky & Diamond (Eds.)      Exploring the Cosmic Frontier (ESO Symposia, Bonn 2006) 
Madore & Tully (Eds.)                           Galaxy Distances and Deviations from Universal Expansion (NATO Series, Kona, Hawaii 1986)
Mazure, Le Fevre & Le Brun (Eds.)               Clustering at High Redshift (PASP Vol 200)
Plionis (Ed.)                                   Multiwavelength Cosmology (Conference in Mykonos, 2003)
Plionis & Georgantopoulos (Eds.)                Large-Scale Structure in the X-ray Universe (meeting in Santorini , Greece, 1999)
Renzini & Bender (Eds.)                         Multiwavelength Mapping of Galaxy Formation and Evolution (ESO Workshop, Venice 2003)
Tresse & Treyer (Eds.)                          Where's the Matter? (3rd Marseille Cosmology Conference, Marseille 2001)
Vangioni-Flam et al. (Eds.)                     Astrophysical Age and Dating Methods (Fifth IAP Workshop, Paris 1989)

---------- Old books, donated by Hans de Ruiter --------------------------

Blandford R.D., Netzer H. & Woltjer L.          Active Galactic Nuclei (Saas-Fee 20, 1990)
Bremer M.N., Jackson & Perez-Fournon (eds.)     Observational Cosmology with the new radio surveys (ASSL 226)
del Toro Iniesta J.C. et al. (eds.)             The Many Scales in the Universe (JENAM 2004 Astrophysics Reviews)
Gribbin J.                                      Astronomia e Cosmologia (Vol. 11 dell'Enciclopedia Tematica del 'Corriere della Sera')
Maraschi L., Maccacaro T. & Ulrich M.H (eds.)   BL Lac Objects (LNP 334)
Wamsteker W., Longair M.S. & Kondo Y. (eds.)    Frontiers of Space and Ground-Based Astronomy (ASSL 187)