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Affiliation (main):  Department of Physics and Astronomy
                                Alma Mater Studiorum
                                Via Gobetti 93/2,  I-40129 Bologna, Italy
Telephone               +39 051 2095713             

academic web page: https://www.unibo.it/sitoweb/daniele.dallacasa

Also                       Istituto di Radioastronomia - Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica
                                via P. Gobetti n. 101, I-40129 Bologna (Italy)
Telephone:            +39 051 6399386                  Fax:          +39 051 6399431

e-mail:                   ddallaca@ira.inaf.it           daniele.dallacasa@unibo.it       


Processi di radiazione e MHD   (see link for .pdf handouts)

Radioastronomia   (see link for .pdf handouts) [ends @AY 2020/21]

Radioastronomy   (see link for .pdf handouts) [starts @AY 2021/22]

(links for weekly timetable & the places where the lectures are scheduled)

ORARIO Lezioni Laurea (triennale)

ORARIO Lezioni Laurea Magistrale   timetable: Master Degree in Astrophysics and Cosmology

e Occupazione aule complessiva

Fields of interest (mostly extragalctic astronomy):

    - Clusters of Galaxies (mainly radio): non-thermal emission
   - High Frequency Peakers (namely the newly born radio sources)
       Compact Steep-Spectrum & GHz Peaked Spectrum (CSS & GPS) radio sources (in their youth).
             - X-Band & C-Band VLA Images of CSS sources from the B3-VLA sample
    - High z radio sources (blazars)
    - Fast radio Bursts @ 408 MHz (@ the Northern Cross)
    - BL Lac objects and the Unified Scheme

    - Monitoring of radio flux densities of Blazars
    - Integalactic magnetic fields

Extinguished teaching:

I Getti in astrofisica   (see link for .pdf handouts)  [this course has been closed with the new workplan]

Astrofisica dei corpi collassati (see link for .pdf handouts) [this course has been closed with the new workplan]

Laboratorio di Radioastronomia (Old 4-year degree, IV yr annual course, estinguished!)

Lab. Astrofisica (Lab Radio)

Attivitą Professionalizzante (3rd yr LT)    Contains: Table of Students, pdf summary of tests 1 , 2,  3)

Short CV

List of publications (journals with referee only, one is missing! can be found here)

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