VLBI Papers using Medicina and/or Noto 32-m data

Collected by Marcello Giroletti. Collection may not be complete - please contact giroletti (at) ira.inaf.it to report missing publications.

Please follow this link for a collection of papers (maintened by Jan Brand) using data from Medicina and Noto as single dish.

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Papers from the current year (2018, which are typically in press) can be found in this ADS library.


  1. 2017, ApJ, 848, L12
    Abbott, B. P., Abbott, R., Abbott, T. D., et al.
    Multi-messenger Observations of a Binary Neutron Star Merger
  2. 2017, A&A, 603, A25
    Ahnen, M. L., Ansoldi, S., Antonelli, L. A., et al.
    First multi-wavelength campaign on the gamma-ray-loud active galaxy IC 310
  3. 2017, ApJ, 834, 65
    Algaba, J. C., Nakamura, M., Asada, K., & Lee, S. S.
    Resolving the Geometry of the Innermost Relativistic Jets in Active Galactic Nuclei
  4. 2017, ApJ, 851, 7
    Bietenholz, M. F., & Bartel, N.
    SN 1986J VLBI. IV. The Nature of the Central Component
  5. 2017, ApJ, 839, 10
    Bietenholz, M. F., & Bartel, N.
    SN 1986J VLBI. III. The Central Component Becomes Dominant
  6. 2017, A&A, 604, A111
    Bruni, G., Gómez, J. L., Casadio, C., et al.
    Probing the innermost regions of AGN jets and their magnetic fields with RadioAstron. II. Observations of 3C 273 at minimum activity
  7. 2017, MNRAS, 467, 2367
    Burns, R. A., Handa, T., Imai, H., Nagayama, T., Omodaka, T., Hirota, T., Motogi, K., van Langevelde, H. J., & Baan, W. A.
    Trigonometric distance and proper motions of H2O maser bowshocks in AFGL 5142
  8. 2017, MNRAS, 464, 1474
    Caccianiga, A., Dallacasa, D., Antón, S., Ballo, L., Berton, M., Mack, K.-H., & Paulino-Afonso, A.
    SDSSJ143244.91+301435.3 at VLBI: a compact radio galaxy in a narrow-line Seyfert 1
  9. 2017, MNRAS, 467, 950
    Cao, H.-M., Frey, S., Gabányi, K. É., Paragi, Z., Yang, J., Cseh, D., Hong, X.-Y., & An, T.
    VLBI observations of four radio quasars at z > 4: blazars or not?
  10. 2017, Natur, 541, 58
    Chatterjee, S., Law, C. J., Wharton, R. S., et al.
    A direct localization of a fast radio burst and its host
  11. 2017, MNRAS, 471, 2703
    Egron, E., Pellizzoni, A., Giroletti, M., et al.
    Single-dish and VLBI observations of Cygnus X-3 during the 2016 giant flare episode
  12. 2017, MNRAS, 470, L112
    Herrero-Illana, R., Alberdi, A., Pérez-Torres, M. Á., Alonso-Herrero, A., González-Millán, D., & Pereira-Santaella, M.
    No AGN evidence in NGC 1614 from deep radio VLBI observations
  13. 2017, A&A, 598, L1
    Kovalev, Y. Y., Petrov, L., & Plavin, A. V.
    VLBI-Gaia offsets favor parsec-scale jet direction in active galactic nuclei
  14. 2017, A&A, 603, A48
    Krehlik, P., Buczek, Ł., Kołodziej, J., et al.
    Fibre-optic delivery of time and frequency to VLBI station
  15. 2017, MNRAS, 466, 1567
    Liu, N., Liu, J.-C., & Zhu, Z.
    Test of source selection for constructing a more stable and uniform celestial reference frame
  16. 2017, ApJ, 835, L30
    Makarov, V. V., Frouard, J., Berghea, C. T., Rest, A., Chambers, K. C., Kaiser, N., Kudritzki, R.-P., & Magnier, E. A.
    Astrometric Evidence for a Population of Dislodged AGNs
  17. 2017, ApJ, 834, L8
    Marcote, B., Paragi, Z., Hessels, J. W. T., et al.
    The Repeating Fast Radio Burst FRB 121102 as Seen on Milliarcsecond Angular Scales
  18. 2017, IJMPD, 26, 1730021
    Mezcua, M.
    Observational evidence for intermediate-mass black holes
  19. 2017, A&A, 598, A23
    Nappo, F., Pescalli, A., Oganesyan, G., et al.
    The 999th Swift gamma-ray burst: Some like it thermal. A multiwavelength study of GRB 151027A
  20. 2017, MNRAS, 464, 4306
    Natarajan, I., Paragi, Z., Zwart, J., Perkins, S., Smirnov, O., & van der Heyden, K.
    Resolving the blazar CGRaBS J0809+5341 in the presence of telescope systematics
  21. 2017, MNRAS, 465, 3943
    Park, S., Yang, J., Oonk, J. B. R., & Paragi, Z.
    Discovery of five low-luminosity active galactic nuclei at the centre of the Perseus cluster
  22. 2017, A&A, 608, A40
    Prandoni, I., Murgia, M., Tarchi, A., et al.
    The Sardinia Radio Telescope . From a technological project to a radio observatory
  23. 2017, MNRAS, 467, 2504
    Romero-Cañizales, C., Alberdi, A., Ricci, C., et al.
    Unveiling the AGN in IC 883: discovery of a parsec-scale radio jet
  24. 2017, MNRAS, 468, 2788
    Rushton, A. P., Miller-Jones, J. C. A., Curran, P. A., et al.
    Resolved, expanding jets in the Galactic black hole candidate XTE J1908+094
  25. 2017, A&A, 603, A94
    Sanna, A., Moscadelli, L., Surcis, G., van Langevelde, H. J., Torstensson, K. J. E., & Sobolev, A. M.
    Planar infall of CH3OH gas around Cepheus A HW2
  26. 2017, ApJS, 233, 3
    Truebenbach, A. E., & Darling, J.
    The VLBA Extragalactic Proper Motion Catalog and a Measurement of the Secular Aberration Drift
  27. 2017, arXiv, arXiv:1702.04772
    Varenius, E., Conway, J. E., Batejat, F., Martí-Vidal, I., Pérez-Torres, M. A., Aalto, S., Alberdi, A., Lonsdale, C. J., & Diamond, P.
    The population of SNe/SNRs in the starburst galaxy Arp 220. A self-consistent analysis of 20 years of VLBI monitoring
  28. 2017, JApA, 38, 40
    Verbunt, F., & Cator, E.
    A New Look at Distances and Velocities of Neutron Stars
  29. 2017, MNRAS, 464, L70
    Yang, X., Yang, J., Paragi, Z., Liu, X., An, T., Bianchi, S., Ho, L. C., Cui, L., Zhao, W., & Wu, X.
    NGC 5252: a pair of radio-emitting active galactic nuclei?


  1. 2016, ApJ, 823, L26
    Akiyama, K., Stawarz, Ł., Tanaka, Y. T., Nagai, H., Giroletti, M., & Honma, M.
    EVN Observations of HESS J1943+213: Evidence for an Extreme TeV BL Lac Object
  2. 2016, PASJ, 68, 77
    An, T., Cui, Y.-Z., Paragi, Z., Frey, S., Gurvits, L. I., & Gabányi, K. É.
    VLBI observations of flared optical quasar CGRaBS J0809+5341
  3. 2016, MNRAS, 462, 2542
    Atemkeng, M. T., Smirnov, O. M., Tasse, C., Foster, G., & Jonas, J.
    Using baseline-dependent window functions for data compression and field-of-interest shaping in radio interferometry
  4. 2016, A&A, 587, A104
    Bartkiewicz, A., Szymczak, M., & van Langevelde, H. J.
    European VLBI Network imaging of 6.7 GHz methanol masers
  5. 2016, A&ARv, 24, 6
    Beltrán, M. T., & de Wit, W. J.
    Accretion disks in luminous young stellar objects
  6. 2016, MNRAS, 462, 2819
    Biggs, A. D., Zwaan, M. A., Hatziminaoglou, E., Péroux, C., & Liske, J.
    Parsec-scale H I absorption structure in a low-redshift galaxy seen against a compact symmetric object
  7. 2016, BaltA, 25, 261
    Bobylev, V. V., & Bajkova, A. T.
    Estimating the vertical disk scale height using young galactic objects
  8. 2016, A&A, 585, A33
    Boccardi, B., Krichbaum, T. P., Bach, U., Mertens, F., Ros, E., Alef, W., & Zensus, J. A.
    The stratified two-sided jet of Cygnus A. Acceleration and collimation
  9. 2016, A&A, 588, A102
    Bondi, M., Pérez-Torres, M. A., Piconcelli, E., & Fu, H.
    Unveiling the radio counterparts of two binary AGN candidates: J1108+0659 and J1131-0204
  10. 2016, arXiv, arXiv:1609.08748
    Cao, S., Biesiada, M., Jackson, J., Zheng, X., & Zhu, Z.-H.
    Measuring the speed of light with ultra-compact radio quasars
  11. 2016, MNRAS, 459, 2455
    Coppejans, R., Cseh, D., van Velzen, S., et al.
    What are the megahertz peaked-spectrum sources?
  12. 2016, MNRAS, 463, 3260
    Coppejans, R., Frey, S., Cseh, D., Müller, C., Paragi, Z., Falcke, H., Gabányi, K. É., Gurvits, L. I., An, T., & Titov, O.
    On the nature of bright compact radio sources at z > 4.5
  13. 2016, A&A, 593, A34
    Duev, D. A., Pogrebenko, S. V., Cimò, G., et al.
    Planetary Radio Interferometry and Doppler Experiment (PRIDE) technique: A test case of the Mars Express Phobos fly-by
  14. 2016, MNRAS, 455, 2058
    Frey, S., Paragi, Z., Gabányi, K. É., & An, T.
    Four hot DOGs in the microwave
  15. 2016, ApJ, 817, 96
    Gómez, J. L., Lobanov, A. P., Bruni, G., et al.
    Probing the Innermost Regions of AGN Jets and Their Magnetic Fields with RadioAstron. I. Imaging BL Lacertae at 21 Microarcsecond Resolution
  16. 2016, MNRAS, br> Gawroński, M. P., Goździewski, K., & Katarzyński, K.
    Physical properties and astrometry of radio-emitting brown dwarf TVLM 513-46546 revisited
  17. 2016, A&A, 593, L16
    Giroletti, M., Marcote, B., Garrett, M. A., Paragi, Z., Yang, J., Hada, K., Muxlow, T. W. B., & Cheung, C. C.
    FRB 150418: clues to its nature from European VLBI Network and e-MERLIN observations
  18. 2016, arXiv, arXiv:1611.02632
    Kovalev, Y. Y., Petrov, L., & Plavin, A. V.
    VLBI-Gaia offsets favor parsec-scale jet direction in Active Galactic Nuclei
  19. 2016, arXiv, arXiv:1612.06640
    Makarov, V. V., Frouard, J., Berghea, C. T., Rest, A., Chambers, K. C., Kaiser, N., Kudritzki, R.-P., & Magnier, E. A.
    Astrometric evidence for a population of dislodged AGN
  20. 2016, FrASS, 3, 28
    Malkin, Z.
    Connecting VLBI and Gaia celestial reference frames
  21. 2016, MNRAS, 461, 1937
    Malkin, Z.
    Using radio stars to link the Gaia and VLBI reference frames
  22. 2016, A&A, 589, A59
    Masini, A., Comastri, A., Baloković, M., et al.
    NuSTAR observations of water megamaser AGN
  23. 2016, arXiv, arXiv:1604.08204
    Nappo, F., Pescalli, A., Oganesyan, G., et al.
    The 999th Swift gamma-ray burst: Some like it thermal
  24. 2016, arXiv, arXiv:1611.02630
    Petrov, L., & Kovalev, Y. Y.
    On significance of VLBI/Gaia position offsets
  25. 2016, A&A, 587, A85
    Radcliffe, J. F., Garrett, M. A., Beswick, R. J., Muxlow, T. W. B., Barthel, P. D., Deller, A. T., & Middelberg, E.
    Multi-source self-calibration: Unveiling the microJy population of compact radio sources
  26. 2016, ApJ, 832, 159
    Reid, M. J., & Dame, T. M.
    On the Rotation Speed of the Milky Way Determined from H i Emission
  27. 2016, ApJ, 823, 77
    Reid, M. J., Dame, T. M., Menten, K. M., & Brunthaler, A.
    A Parallax-based Distance Estimator for Spiral Arm Sources
  28. 2016, ApJ, 832, L10
    Romero-Cañizales, C., Prieto, J. L., Chen, X., Kochanek, C. S., Dong, S., Holoien, T. W.-S., Stanek, K. Z., & Liu, F.
    The TDE ASASSN-14li and Its Host Resolved at Parsec Scales with the EVN
  29. 2016, ApJ, 822, 117
    Straal, S. M., Gabányi, K. É., van Leeuwen, J., Clarke, T. E., Dubner, G., Frey, S., Giacani, E., & Paragi, Z.
    HESS J1943+213: A Non-classical High-frequency-peaked BL Lac Object
  30. 2016, ApJ, 833, 288
    Tseng, C.-Y., Asada, K., Nakamura, M., Pu, H.-Y., Algaba, J.-C., & Lo, W.-P.
    Structural Transition in the NGC 6251 Jet: an Interplay with the Supermassive Black Hole and Its Host Galaxy
  31. 2016, MNRAS, 462, L66
    Yang, J., Paragi, Z., van der Horst, A. J., Gurvits, L. I., Campbell, R. M., Giannios, D., An, T., & Komossa, S.
    No apparent superluminal motion in the first-known jetted tidal disruption event Swift J1644+5734


  1. 2015, MNRAS, 452, 1081
    Argo, M. K., van Bemmel, I. M., Connolly, S. D., & Beswick, R. J.
    A new period of activity in the core of NGC 660
  2. 2015, AstL, 41, 156
    Bobylev, V. V.
    Residual HCRF rotation relative to the inertial coordinate system
  3. 2015, MNRAS, 447, L50
    Bobylev, V. V., & Bajkova, A. T.
    Detection of periodic variations in the vertical velocities of Galactic masers
  4. 2015, MNRAS, 450, 1123
    Cegłowski, M., Kunert-Bajraszewska, M., & Roskowiński, C.
    VLBI survey of compact broad absorption line quasars with balnicity index BI = 0
  5. 2015, MNRAS, 452, 24
    Cseh, D., Miller-Jones, J. C. A., Jonker, P. G., Grisé, F., Paragi, Z., Corbel, S., Falcke, H., Frey, S., Kaaret, P., & Körding, E.
    The evolution of a jet ejection of the ultraluminous X-ray source Holmberg II X-1
  6. 2015, A&A, 574, A125
    de Bruyn, A. G., & Macquart, J.-P.
    The intra-hour variable quasar J1819+3845: 13-year evolution, jet polarization structure, and interstellar scattering screen properties
  7. 2015, A&A, 573, A99
    Duev, D. A., Zakhvatkin, M. V., Stepanyants, V. A., Molera Calvés, G., Pogrebenko, S. V., Gurvits, L. I., Cimò, G., & Bocanegra Bahamón, T. M.
    RadioAstron as a target and as an instrument: Enhancing the Space VLBI mission's scientific output
  8. 2015, MNRAS, 446, 2921
    Frey, S., Paragi, Z., Fogasy, J. O., & Gurvits, L. I.
    The first estimate of radio jet proper motion at z > 5
  9. 2015, MNRAS, 450, L57
    Gabányi, K. É., Cseh, D., Frey, S., Paragi, Z., Gurvits, L. I., An, T., & Zhang, Y. K.
    VLBI observation of the newly discovered z = 5.18 quasar SDSS J0131-0321
  10. 2015, A&A, 579, A109
    Kunert-Bajraszewska, M., Cegłowski, M., Katarzyński, K., & Roskowiński, C.
    A VLBI survey of compact broad absorption line quasars with balnicity index BI > 0
  11. 2015, A&A, 583, A100
    Lobanov, A. P., Gómez, J. L., Bruni, G., et al.
    RadioAstron space VLBI imaging of polarized radio emission in the high-redshift quasar 0642+449 at 1.6 GHz
  12. 2015, A&A, 577, A36
    Mantovani, F., Bondi, M., Mack, K.-H., Alef, W., Ros, E., & Zensus, J. A.
    A sample of weak blazars at milli-arcsecond resolution
  13. 2015, MNRAS, 452, 32
    Rampadarath, H., Morgan, J. S., Soria, R., Tingay, S. J., Reynolds, C., Argo, M. K., & Dumas, G.
    A high-resolution wide-field radio survey of M51


Refereed Journals

  1. 2014, Sci, 346, 1080
    Aleksić, J., Ansoldi, S., Antonelli, L. A., et al.
    Black hole lightning due to particle acceleration at subhorizon scales
  2. 2014, ApJ, 781, LL2
    Asada, K., Nakamura, M., Doi, A., Nagai, H., & Inoue, M.
    Discovery of Sub- to Superluminal Motions in the M87 Jet: An Implication of Acceleration from Sub-relativistic to Relativistic Speeds
  3. 2014, PASA, 31, e002
    Bietenholz, M. F.
    VLBI Constraints on Type I b/c Supernovae
  4. 2014, MNRAS, 441, 142
    Bobylev, V. V., & Bajkova, A. T.
    The local standard of rest from data on young objects with account for the Galactic spiral density wave
  5. 2014, A&A, 563, AA111
    Cao, H.-M., Frey, S., Gurvits, L. I., Yang, J., Hong, X.-Y., Paragi, Z., Deller, A. T., & Ivezić, Ž.
    VLBI observations of the radio quasar J2228+0110 at z = 5.95 and other field sources in multiple-phase-centre mode
  6. 2014, Natur, 511, 57
    Deane, R. P., Paragi, Z., Jarvis, M. J., et al.
    A close-pair binary in a distant triple supermassive black hole system
  7. 2014, ApJ, 782, LL38
    Du, Y., Yang, J., Campbell, R. M., Janssen, G., Stappers, B., & Chen, D.
    Very Long Baseline Interferometry Measured Proper Motion and Parallax of the γ-Ray Millisecond Pulsar PSR J0218+4232
  8. 2014, MNRAS, 443, 1509
    Gabányi, K. É., Frey, S., Xiao, T., Paragi, Z., An, T., Kun, E., & Gergely, L. Á.
    A single radio-emitting nucleus in the dual AGN candidate NGC 5515
  9. 2014, ApJ, 788, 165
    Hada, K., Giroletti, M., Kino, M., et al.
    A Strong Radio Brightening at the Jet Base of M 87 during the Elevated Very High Energy Gamma-Ray State in 2012
  10. 2014, A&A, 565, AA43
    Kirsten, F., Vlemmings, W., Freire, P., Kramer, M., Rottmann, H., & Campbell, R. M.
    Precision astrometry of pulsars and other compact radio sources in the globular cluster M15
  11. 2014, JApA, 35, 203
    Liu, X.
    Search for Binary Black Hole Candidates from the VLBI Images of AGNs
  12. 2014, A&A, 561, AA40
    Martí-Vidal, I., & Marcaide, J. M.
    Limit to the radio emission from a putative central compact source in SN1993J
  13. 2014, A&A, 564, AA4
    Molera Calvés, G., Pogrebenko, S. V., Cimò, G., et al.
    Observations and analysis of phase scintillation of spacecraft signal on the interplanetary plasma
  14. 2014, A&A, 566, AA150
    Moscadelli, L., & Goddi, C.
    A multiple system of high-mass YSOs surrounded by disks in NGC 7538 IRS1 . Gas dynamics on scales of 10-700 AU from CH3OH maser and NH3 thermal lines
  15. 2014, MNRAS, 444, 3040
    Orienti, M., D'Ammando, F., Giroletti, M., Finke, J., Ajello, M., Dallacasa, D., & Venturi, T.
    Exploring the multiband emission of TXS 0536+145: the most distant γ-ray flaring blazar
  16. 2014, ApJ, 791, 2
    Paragi, Z., Frey, S., Kaaret, P., Cseh, D., Overzier, R., & Kharb, P.
    Probing the Active Massive Black Hole Candidate in the Center of NGC 404 with VLBI
  17. 2014, ARA&A, 52, 339
    Reid, M. J., & Honma, M.
    Microarcsecond Radio Astrometry
  18. 2014, JGeod, 88, 575
    Shabala, S. S., Rogers, J. G., McCallum, J. N., Titov, O. A., Blanchard, J., Lovell, J. E. J., & Watson, C. S.
    The effects of frequency-dependent quasar variability on the celestial reference frame
  19. 2014, arXiv, arXiv:1406.4650
    Tilanus, R. P. J., Krichbaum, T. P., Zensus, J. A., et al.
    Future mmVLBI Research with ALMA: A European vision
  20. 2014, MNRAS, 444, 3151
    van der Horst, A. J., Paragi, Z., de Bruyn, A. G., et al.
    A comprehensive radio view of the extremely bright gamma-ray burst 130427A
  21. 2014, A&A, 566, AA15
    Varenius, E., Conway, J. E., Martí-Vidal, I., Aalto, S., Beswick, R., Costagliola, F., & Klöckner, H.-R.
    The radio core structure of the luminous infrared galaxy NGC 4418. A young clustered starburst revealed?


Refereed Journals

  1. 2013, MNRAS, 433, 1161
    An, T., Paragi, Z., Frey, S., Xiao, T., Baan, W. A., Komossa, S., Gabányi, K. É., Xu, Y.-H., & Hong, X.-Y.
    The radio structure of 3C 316, a galaxy with double-peaked narrow optical emission lines
  2. 2013, MNRAS, 435, 2335
    Bianchi, S., Piconcelli, E., Pérez-Torres, M. Á., Fiore, F., La Franca, F., Mathur, S., & Matt, G.
    The NGC 3341 minor merger: a panchromatic view of the active galactic nucleus in a dwarf companion
  3. 2013, MNRAS, 432, 931
    Brocksopp, C., Corbel, S., Tzioumis, A., Broderick, J. W., Rodriguez, J., Yang, J., Fender, R. P., & Paragi, Z.
    XTE J1752-223 in outburst: a persistent radio jet, dramatic flaring, multiple ejections and linear polarization
  4. 2013, A&A, 554, A94
    Bruni, G., Dallacasa, D., Mack, K.-H., Montenegro-Montes, F. M., González-Serrano, J. I., Holt, J., & Jiménez-Luján, F.
    The parsec-scale structure of radio-loud broad absorption line quasars
  5. 2013, A&A, 550, A68
    Chi, S., Barthel, P. D., & Garrett, M. A.
    Deep, wide-field, global VLBI observations of the Hubble deep field north (HDF-N) and flanking fields (HFF)
  6. 2013, MNRAS, 433, 147
    Dallacasa, D., Orienti, M., Fanti, C., Fanti, R., & Stanghellini, C.
    A sample of small-sized compact steep-spectrum radio sources: VLBI images and VLA polarization at 5 GHz
  7. 2013, MNRAS, 434, 3322
    Deane, R. P., Rawlings, S., Garrett, M. A., Heywood, I., Jarvis, M. J., Klöckner, H.-R., Marshall, P. J., & McKean, J. P.
    The preferentially magnified active nucleus in IRAS F10214+4724 - III. VLBI observations of the radio core
  8. 2013, PASJ, 65, 57
    Doi, A., Murata, Y., Mochizuki, N., et al.
    Multifrequency VLBI Observations of the Broad Absorption Line Quasar J1020+4320: Recently Restarted Jet Activity?
  9. 2013, A&A, 552, A109
    Frey, S., Paragi, Z., Gabányi, K. É., & An, T.
    A compact radio source in the high-redshift soft gamma-ray blazar IGR J12319-0749
  10. 2013, ApJ, 762, 63
    Gabányi, K. É., Dubner, G., Giacani, E., Paragi, Z., Frey, S., & Pidopryhora, Y.
    Very Long Baseline Interferometry Search for the Radio Counterpart of HESS J1943+213
  11. 2013, A&A, 557, L14
    Gitti, M., Giroletti, M., Giovannini, G., Feretti, L., & Liuzzo, E.
    A candidate supermassive binary black hole system in the brightest cluster galaxy of RBS 797
  12. 2013, arXiv, arXiv:1304.1955
    Liu, X.
    A search for binary black hole candidates from the VLBI images of AGNs
  13. 2013, ApJ, 773, 35
    MacLeod, C. L., Jones, R., Agol, E., & Kochanek, C. S.
    Detection of Substructure in the Gravitationally Lensed Quasar MG0414+0534 Using Mid-infrared and Radio VLBI Observations
  14. 2013, A&A, 558, A29
    Malkin, Z.
    A new approach to the assessment of stochastic errors of radio source position catalogues
  15. 2013, MNRAS, 436, 1546
    Mezcua, M., Farrell, S. A., Gladstone, J. C., & Lobanov, A. P.
    Milliarcsec-scale radio emission of ultraluminous X-ray sources: steady jet emission from an intermediate-mass black hole?
  16. 2013, MNRAS, 436, 2454
    Mezcua, M., Lobanov, A. P., & Martí-Vidal, I.
    The resolved structure of the extragalactic supernova remnant SNR 4449-1
  17. 2013, Sci, 340, 950
    Miller-Jones, J. C. A., Sivakoff, G. R., Knigge, C., Körding, E. G., Templeton, M., & Waagen, E. O.
    An Accurate Geometric Distance to the Compact Binary SS Cygni Vindicates Accretion Disc Theory
  18. 2013, A&A, 549, A122
    Moscadelli, L., Li, J. J., Cesaroni, R., Sanna, A., Xu, Y., & Zhang, Q.
    A double-jet system in the G31.41 + 0.31 hot molecular core
  19. 2013, BaltA, 22, 35
    Nechaeva, M., Antipenko, A., Bezrukovs, V., et al.
    A experiment on radio location of objects in the near-Earth space with VLBI in 2012
  20. 2013, PASA, 30, 20
    Norris, R. P., Afonso, J., Bacon, D., et al.
    Radio Continuum Surveys with Square Kilometre Array Pathfinders
  21. 2013, A&A, 553, A13
    Orosz, G., & Frey, S.
    Optical-radio positional offsets for active galactic nuclei
  22. 2013, MNRAS, 432, 1138
    Panessa, F., & Giroletti, M.
    Sub-parsec radio cores in nearby Seyfert galaxies
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Note: Internal Reports are not included.