The IRA operates three radio telescope facilities for use by the scientific community: the "Northern Cross Radiotelescope", located in Medicina, and two 32-m single dish antennas located in Medicina and Noto (Sicily). A new 64-m antenna, the SRT (Sardinia Radio Telescope), is located in Sardinia (near Cagliari). Our Institute was extensively involved in its design, construction and testing. The antennas take part to the VLBI global network for about 150 days a year.

The IRA is a member of the Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe ( JIVE ) and participates in Consortia such as the European VLBI Network ( EVN ) and the International VLBI Service for Geodesy and Astronomy ( IVS ), as well as in the Committee for Radio Astronomial Frequencies ( CRAF ). The IRA is involved in future astronomical projects like ALMA , e-VLBI , SKA , LOFAR , and is a main partner in a few European Framework Programs funded by the European Union. Also on behalf of INAF the IRA hosts an Alma Regional Center ( ARC).


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