Surveys and Observational Cosmology

The Institute is involved in many survey projects in the framework of large international collaborations. In particular the IRA has a long-standing tradition in radio surveys since the pioneering works with the Northern Cross in the early seventies which produced the B2 catalogs (Colla et al. 1970; Colla et al. 1972; Colla et al. 1973; Fanti et al. 1974) with almost 10,000 radio sources detected at 408 MHz.
 Nowadays the radio survey activity is mainly focused on the acquisition and analysis of deep radio fields, with the aim of studying the evolution of both star-forming galaxies and Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN), through the multi-wavelength characterization of the sub-mJy and microJy source populations. IRA is also involved in several of the legacy surveys either on-going and/or planned at the major next-generation radio interferometers (JVLA, LOFAR, eMERLIN, ASKAP, MeerKAT, Apertif), as well as in large-area single-dish surveys (Arecibo, Medicina, Effelsberg, etc.) often exploiting multi-beaming capabilities. In addition IRA is involved in optical redshift surveys with ESO multi-slit spectrographs.