Visiting Committee Review

On November 26, 27 and 28, 2007, the IRA scientific and technological activities (Bologna, Medicina, Firenze and Noto) were reviewed by an International committee composed of the following:
George Miley (Chair), Frank Bertoldi, Frank Verbunt, Tom Wilson.
The visiting committee members were given the IRA Status Report which can be found

The program of the three days is here.

The presentations of the meeting are given below.

Feretti - IRA Structure and Organization

Mantovani - International Programs

Brand - ALMA Regional Center

Nanni - Computing

Varano - Outreach

Giovannini - Education

Prandoni - Surveys

Venturi - Clusters of Galaxies

Hunt - ISM and Star Formation in Galaxies

Parma - Radio Galaxies on Large Scale

Giroletti - Radio Galaxies on Small Scale

Codella - ISM and Star Formation in the Galaxy

Sarti - Geodesy

Feretti - The Sardinia RadioTelescope Project

Orfei - SRT related technology

Natale - Front-ends

Tuccari - Back-ends

Montebugnoli - SKADS and LOFAR

The report of the Visiting Committee for IRA is given here.