After a first kick-off meeting in December 2011 INAF decided to create a Working Group (WG), whose scope was to promote the
SKA (Square Kilometer Array) and stimulate SKA-related science in Italy.

Its first initiative was the organization of the
First National Workshop on Science and Technology with SKA (Rome, June 2012).

WG membership was then expanded to coordinate the writing of the Italian SKA White Book (2014, Eds. L. Feretti, I. Prandoni et al., INAF Press, ISBN 978-88-98985-00-5).

More than eighty Italy-based researchers have contributed to the Italian SKA WB. This effort allowed the Italian community to massively respond to the Call for Chapters for the new international SKA Science Book (in preparation).

Several of such chapters were presented at the international SKA conference
Advancing Astrophysics with the SKA, held in Giardini Naxos (Italy), 9-13 June 2014.