Single-Dish Exposure Time Calculator

version 1.8

The Exposure Time Calculator provides an estimate of the exposure time needed to reach a given sensitivity (or vice versa) under a set of assumptions on the telescope setup and the observing conditions.

The ETC is currently offered for the Medicina 32-m antenna and at the Sardinia Radio Telescope and is is intended to help planning single-dish observations performed with the DISCOS Control System . For this reason, the ETC offers only the observing setups currently implemented within this observing system.

For technical details on the telescopes and their instrumentation, please consult the available documentation.

Details on the formulae used by this ETC and an explanation of the meaning of input/output parameters are given in the Exposure Time Calculator User Manual. Tabulated values used by the ETC for the various instrumental setups in the current semester can be found at this link.

Please report any result which may appear inconsistent, and let us know any comment which may help to improve this tool.

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