Workshop Program

Wed, May 27, 2015

08:50 Welcome (Either somebody from IRA or Dallacasa)

Lifecycles and Evolution (Chair: Greg Taylor)

09:00 Orienti Monica, INAF IRA, Italy - Radio Properties of GPS and CSS Sources
09:40 Perucho, Manel., Univ. Valencia, Spain - Radio source evolution
10:20 Kunert-Bajraszewska Magdalena, TCfA, NCU, Poland - Dichotomy in the population of young AGNs: optical, radio and X-ray properties
10:40 Brienza Marisa, ASTRON, Netherlands - Phoenices of the radio sky: restarted radio galaxies
11:00 – 11:30 Coffee Break
11:30 Collier Jordan, University of Western Sydney, Australia - Sequencing the Earliest Stages of AGN Development Using The Youngest Radio Sources
11:50 Giroletti Marcello, INAF IRA, Italy - New and future observations of 4C31.04 and other CSOs
12:10 Sara Rastello, DIFA UniBO & IRA – INAF - Multifrequency VLBA observations of two CSOs
12:20 Kino Motoki, KASI, Korea South - Fossil Shell Emission in Dying Radio-Loud AGNs
12:40 Yaser Hafez , KACST, Saudi Arabia - New Flux Density Measurements for 0108+388, 1358+624 and 2134+004 Radio Galaxies at 10.8 GHz
12:50 – 14:00 Lunch at Hotel Sporting

AGN Physics (Chair: Aneta Siemiginowska)

14:00 Migliori, Giulia, CNRS/CEA – Saclay, France X-ray & gamma-ray properties
14:40 D' Ammando Filippo, DIFA UniBo - INAF IRA, Italy - The Fermi-LAT view of young radio sources
15:00 Gabanyi Krisztina, FOMI Satellite Geodetic Observatory, Hungary - Radio properties of gamma-ray emitting CSOs
15:10 Nagai Hiroshi, NAOJ, Japan - Long-term Radio and Gamma-ray Properties of 3C 84
15:30 Czerny, Bozena, CAMK, Poland - GN accretion & disk-jet connection
16:10 – 16:40 Coffee Break
16:40 Baek Junhyun, Yonsei University, Korea South - High Frequency Radio Properties of Central AGNs in Cluster Environments
17:00 Cotton William, NRAO, United States of America - Search for Extreme Rotation Measures in CSS Sources
17:20 Pasetto Alice, MPIfR-Bonn, Germany - Probing the environment of high Rotation Measure AGNs through multifrequency radio observations.
17:40 Fedorova Elena, Astron. Observ. of Kiev National Taras Shevchenko Univ., Ukraine - Three megamaser AGNs: comparison of the X-ray and radio properties
18:00 Liu Yi, Purple Mountain Observatory, CAS, China - Multifrequency VLBA Polarimetry of GPS Quasar OQ172
18:20 Taylor Greg, UNM, United States of America -A Compact Symmetric Object with a Candidate Binary Black Hole

Dinner in town, find the restaurant you like more

Thu, May 28, 2015

AGN Populations (Chair: Magdalena Kunert-Bajraszewska)

09:00 Sadler Elaine, Univ. of Sydney – CAASTRO, Australia - Relation to other AGN types
09:40 Baldi Ranieri D., Technion, Israel - The new class of FR0 radio galaxies
10:00 Coppejans Rocco, Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands - Megahertz peaked-spectrum sources - a route to high-redshifts?
10:20 Dallacasa Daniele, DIFA - UniBO & IRA - INAF, Italy - Radio spectra of High Frequency Peakers
10:40 Frey Sandor, FOMI Satellite Geodetic Observatory, Hungary - Are hot DOGs young radio AGN? - a high-resolution view
11:00 – 11:30 Coffee Break
11:30 Gu Minfeng, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS, China - The compact radio structure of radio-loud NLS1s: the relationship to CSS sources
11:50 Jeong Yongjin, Yonsei University, Korea South - Identifying High Frequency Peakers using the Korean VLBI Network
12:10 Mahony Elizabeth, ASTRON, Netherlands - Searching for GPS and CSS sources at low frequencies with LOFAR
12:30 Callingham Joseph, Sydney Institute of Astronomy (SIfA) / CAASTRO, Australia - The low radio frequency view of gigahertz-peaked spectrum and compact steep spectrum sources
12:50 – 14:00 Lunch at Hotel Sporting

Afternoon: Trip to S. Marino and Workshop Dinner

Fri, May 29, 2015

Host Galaxies and ISM (Chair: Raffaella Morganti)

09:00 O'Dea Chris, University of Manitoba, Canada - Infrared Properties of GPS and CSS Sources
09:40 Ostorero Luisa, Department of Physics - University of Torino, Italy - Correlation between neutral and total hydrogen column densities in GPS galaxies
10:00 Chandola Yogesh, National Astron Observ., Chinese Academy of Sciences, China - HI gas in absorption towards the central regions of radio galaxies
10:20 Pirya Akash, CRyA, Mexico - CCD imaging of 5 GPS radio galaxies
10:40 Maccagni Filippo Marcello, ASTRON - Kapteyn Institute, Netherlands - AGN: the intriguing case of GPS source PKS1718-649
11:00 – 11:30 Coffee Break

Feedback (Chair: Motoki Kino)

11:30 Tadhunter Clive, Univ. of Sheffield, UK - Feedback: Observations
12:10 Wagner Alexander, Univ. of Tsukuba, Japan - Feedback: Theory
12:50 – 14:00 Extended Lunch at Hotel Sporting
14:30 Allison James, CSIRO Astronomy & Space Science, Australia - Discovery of a neutral gas outflow in a young radio galaxy using the Australian SKA Pathfinder
14:50 Bruni Gabriele, MPIfR, Germany - Fast outflows in broad absorption line quasars and their connection with CSS/GPS sources
15:10 Labiano Alvaro, ETH Zurich, Switzerland - AGN feedback in young and old radio galaxies
15:30 – 16:00 Coffee Break
16:00 Lonsdale Carol, NRAO, United States of America - The nature of small jets in heavily obscured hyper-luminous quasars at z~2
16:20 Morganti Raffaella, ASTRON/Kapteyn Groningen , Netherlands - The disruptive effect of a young jet
16:40 C. P. O’Dea, University of Manitoba, Canada - Concluding remarks (& doodle for next meeting?)
17:15? End of Workshop


  • April 15th 2015: Registration deadline


Radionet, the National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF), the Institute of Radioastronomy (IRA) and the Department of Physicis and Astronomy (DIFA) will contribute to reduce the registration fee, in particular for students, postdocs and those eligible for Radionet support.

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The proceedings will appear in Astronomische Nachrichten, which is a fully-refereed journal published both online and in paper form. Details on paper submission will be given at the conference. A hard copy will be sent to each participant.