Meeting venue

  • WALKING: it will take you about 40 minutes from the city center.

    Visualize Walking directions to Via Piero Gobetti, 101, Bologna BO, Italy in a larger map
  • BUS #11A or 11B: you can get either on via Ugo Bassi (direction “Bertalia” for 11A or “ITC Luxembourg” for 11B) and get off at “Rotonda Gobetti”. The ride takes about 16 minutes, the ticket costs 1.20 EUR and can be purchased at newspaper shops, tobacconists, or from a machine directly on board (but it costs 1.50 EUR and the machine does not give change). At the Rotonda (roundabout) Gobetti, you need to walk up via Gobetti in the North direction; the CNR Research Area is just at the end of the street. pros: 11A-B run quite often (about once every 10 minutes); disadvantage: drops you a little further from the CNR.
  • BUS #87: you can get it on via Marconi (see map) or at the end of via Indipendenza and it will end its ride just in front of the CNR main gate after some 10/15 minutes. The cost is 1.20 EUR, and the ticket can not be purchased on board for this line pro: drops you at your final destination; cons: runs much less often (once every 30 min, and quite unpredictable), needs a longer walk to get at the departure station, tickets can not be purchased on board.
  • TAXI: if you want to share a ride, it can be a quite convenient option. The ride will take about 10 minutes and cost some 15 EUR. The hotel lobby can surely make the reservation/call for you.

    COTABO Tel. 051-372727 CAT Radiotaxi Bologna Tel. 051-4590 when there are no taxi available: Autoservices CAB, COSEPURI


  • March 1st 2015: Registration opens
  • May 15th 2015: Abstract submission deadline
  • July 31st 2015: Early Registration deadline
  • August 31st 2015: Late Registration deadline


April 30th 2015: financial requests expired

                With the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Directorate General for the Country Promotion.