• SOC

    R. Morganti (ASTRON) co-chair

    I. Prandoni (INAF-IRA) co-chair

    P. Best (ROE)

    A. Bonafede (Hamburg Univ.)

    R. Braun (SKA Org)

    L. Feretti (INAF-IRA)

    M. Jarvis (Western Cape/Oxford Univ.)

    E. Murphy (Caltech)

    R. Norris (CSIRO)

    M. Perez-Torres (IAA)

    L. Saripalli (Raman)

    T. Venturi (INAF-IRA)

  • LOC

    R. Cassano (co-chair)

    I. Prandoni (co-chair)

    A. Casoni

    D. Guidetti

    R. Lico

    R. Ricci

    M. Stagni


  • March 1st 2015: Registration opens
  • May 15th 2015: Abstract submission deadline
  • July 31st 2015: Early Registration deadline
  • August 31st 2015: Late Registration deadline


April 30th 2015: financial requests expired

                With the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Directorate General for the Country Promotion.