Third circular

Conference "The many facets of extragalactic radio surveys: towards new
scientific challenges" - Third Announcement

Dear colleagues,

we invite you to register and submit an abstract for the Conference "The
many facets of extragalactic radio surveys: towards new scientific
challenges”, which will be held in Bologna 20-23 October 2015.

We would like to remind you two important DEADLINES:

- abstract submission: May 15th 2015 << approaching >>
- registration: July  31st 2015

The registration fee is 250 Euro until July 31st, 2015, and 300 euros for
later payments. The registration fee DOES NOT include the conference
dinner. The conference dinner will cost 40 Euro for either attendees or
accompanying persons.

Some recent updates:

A printable version of the conference poster is now available
and can be view and/or downloaded from the website:

The Conference will be organized in six sessions covering the following
topics: Galaxy evolution, Cosmology,  Galaxy Clusters, Extragalactic Transients,
AGN and Star Formation Physics.

Here is the final list of invited speakers:

I. Agudo (IAA, Spain)
R. Beswick (JBO, UK)
R. Braun (SKAO)
R. Cassano (INAF-IRA, Ita)
J. Condon (NRAO, USA)
P. Diamond (SKAO)
R. & C. Fanti (INAF-IRA, Ita)
M. Garrett (ASTRON, NL)
F. Govoni (INAF-OAC, Ita)
G. Heald (ASTRON, NL)
G. Helou (Caltech, USA)
A. Hopkins (AAO, Aus)
R. Laing (ESO)
J.-P. Macquart (Curtin Univ., Aus)
T. Oosterloo (ASTRON, NL)
P. Patel (UWC, RSA)
M. Santos (UWC, RSA)
A. Slyz (Oxford Univ., UK)
V. Smolcic (Zagreb Univ., Croatia)
R. van Weeren (CfA Harvard, USA)

The Conference proceedings will be published in Proceedings of Science
(, the open access online journal managed by SISSA,
the International School for Advanced Studies in Trieste (Italy).

Should you have any further inquire, please visit the conference webpage:
and/or contact the LOC at

Best regards
the SOC:                                        

R. Morganti (ASTRON) co-chair  
I. Prandoni (INAF-IRA) co-chair  
P. Best (ROE)          
A. Bonafede (Hamburg Univ) 
R. Braun (SKA Org)
L. Feretti (INAF-IRA)
M. Jarvis (Western Cape/Oxford Univ)
E. Murphy (Caltech)
R. Norris (CSIRO)
M. Perez-Torres (IAA)
L. Saripalli (Raman)
T. Venturi (INAF-IRA)

the LOC: (INAF-IRA):

R. Cassano  (co-chair)
I. Prandoni (co-chair)
A. Casoni
D. Guidetti
R. Lico
R. Ricci


  • March 1st 2015: Registration opens
  • May 15th 2015: Abstract submission deadline
  • July 31st 2015: Early Registration deadline
  • July 31st 2015: Early Registration Fee deadline


April 30th 2015: financial requests expired

                With the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Directorate General for the Country Promotion.