One key aspect required to understand the origin of Fast Radio bursts (FRB) is to know the type of environment they are emitted in. Thus, not only the host galaxy of an FRB is of importance, but also the precise location within that host need to be determined to solve the FRB-puzzle. Such accurate measurements are only possible with VLBI, e.g. with an array composed of dishes that are also part of the EVN.

    PRECISE -- Pinpointing REpeating ChIme Sources with Evn dishes -- is a project to monitor the FRBs reported to be repeaters by the CHIME/FRB Collaboration, aiming at localising them with milliarcsecond-accuracy. Here we show basic information about the team, the telescopes, and the observations so far.

    At present, we have reported detections and localisations about four FRBs: 20190520B, 20200120E, 20201124A, 20220912A, 20240114A

Pinpointing REpeating ChIme Sources with EVN dishes