The Institute of Radioastronomy (IRA) is involved since many years in both science and technology
SKA (Square Kilometer Array) activities.

IRA has participated to the two SKA-related projects funded by the EU in the framework of FP6
(SKADS) and FP7 (Prep-SKA).

In 2013 IRA, together with other INAF structures, responded to the call for
Study, Prototyping and Preliminary Design of SKA Elements and Advanced Instrumentation Programme Technology released by the SKA Organization.

IRA research staff is involved in the scientific working groups responsible for the definition and development of the SKA Science Case. A reference
SKA Science Book was published in 2004 ('Science with the Square Kilometre Array', Eds. C. Carilli & S. Rawlings). A revised and updated Science Book is expected for the end of 2014.

More about SKA R & D activity in Italy

More about SKA Science activity in Italy