List of posters

Updated May 3rd, 2018

Id Submitter Title
1 Elena Fedorova Radio-loud AGNs with peculiar shape of hard X-ray spectrum: figuring out the reasons
2 Anna Lia Longinotti Active Galaxies at TeV energies with the High Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) Gamma-Ray Observatory
3 Keiichi Asada Expanding Radio Lobe associated with 3C 84
4 Karthik A Balasubramaniam Chandra view on the active nucleus of the restarted radio galaxy CGCG 292-057: Detection of the ionized 6.7 keV iron line
5 Rameshan Thimmappa Detailed analysis of the X-ray emission from the central regions of the Pictor A radio galaxy
6 Hiroshi Nagai Flipping of the jet head position of 3C 84 in 2015
7 Elisabete de Gouveia Dal Pino Spectral evolution of  Hydra A jets
8 Simona Righini Update on the Multi-Frequency Monitoring of Blazars with Medicina and Noto
9 Pietro Cassaro Hints of radio sources evolution
10 Pankaj Kushwaha Multi-wavelength Variability and a New Broadband Spectral Phase of OJ 287
11 Ayumi Hirano Bending of the pc scale jet in 3C84
12 Dong-Woo Kim X-ray Early Type Galaxy Atlas
13 Sebastian Knuettel Probing the B-fields of AGN jets on kiloparsec scales
14 Pedro Luis Luque-Escamilla GRS 1758-258: a model scale for winged radiogalaxies
15 Wlodek Bednarek A two blob model for the TeV gamma-ray emission in radio galaxies
16 Shuangliang Li A strong negative correlation between radio loudness R_UV and optical-to-X-ray spectral index α_ox in low-luminosity AGNs
17 Defu Bu Wind production from central black hole accretion flow and region beyond AGNs
18 Silke Britzen OJ287: Deciphering the “Rosetta stone of blazars”
19 Andrzej Zdziarski The truncation radius of the accretion disc in NGC 4151
20 Krisztina Perger A jet proper motion study in the early Universe
21 Dipanweeta Bhattacharyya Evolution of the $M_{\bullet} – \sigma$ relation
22 Dimitrios Millas Simulating a “manatee” in the W50-SS433 system
23 Armin Vahdat Motlagh Investigating state transition luminosities of Galactic black hole transients in the outburst decay
24 MAGESHWARAN TAMILAN Black hole demographics from TDE modeling
25 Jee Won Lee Monitoring of multi-frequency flux density in the BL Lac object S5 0716+714
26 Le DT Updated constraints on ∆α⁄α from analysis Fe II absorption lines
27 JAYANTA DUTTA Can Population III stars survive to the present day?
28 Emily Kosmaczewski Infrared Diagnostics and Feedback in Young Radio Sources
29 Castalia Alenka Negrete Peñaloza A photoionization method for estimating Black Hole Masses in Quasars
30 Andrea Sacchi The role of stellar rotation in Tidal Disruption Events
31 martina toscani On the likelihood of gravitational wave emission during the tidal disruption of stars by a supermassive black hole
32 Yuan Li The Interplay of Quasar and Radio-mode Feedback in Galaxy Clusters
33 Anna Wojtowicz Jet production efficiency in the sample of the youngest radio galaxies