Updated May 9th – Science program

Here you can download the Abstract Booklet


Monday, May 14 – Teatro Comunale

09:00 Welcome speeches
Session 1 – Black Hole masses.   Chair: Geoffrey Bower
09:20 Karl Gebhardt Measurements of masses in supermassive black holes
09:50 Eleonora Sani NGC 1275: An Outlier of the Black Hole-Host Scaling Relations
10:10 Luka Popovic Black hole mass measurements in AGN: Polarization in broad emission lines
10:30 Coffee break
Session 2 – Black Hole vicinity – theory and simulations.    Chair: Sasha Tchekovskoy
11:00 Monika Moscibrodzka Black Hole Accretion in Low Luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei
11:30 Yosuke Mizuno Testing Theories of Gravity via BH Shadows and Modeling of Relativistic Jets
11:50 luca ciotti Fully analytical solutions for Bondi accretion in galaxies with a central black hole
12:10 Ziri Younsi Modelling the polarised emission from black holes on event horizon-scales
12:30 Elisabete de Gouveia Dal Pino Particle acceleration and the origin of the very high energy emission around black holes and relativistic jets
12:50 Lunch
Session 3 – Black Hole vicinity – observations.   Chair: Denise Gabuzda
14:20 Kazunori Akiyama Imaging and Filming Black Holes with the Event Horizon Telescope
14:50 Geoffrey Bower Probes of Accretion and Outflow in Low Luminosity AGN Using Millimeter Polarimetry
15:10 Jongho Park Substantial winds from hot accretion flows confining the relativistic jet of M87
15:30 Fabio Bacchini Numerical methods for particle and ray tracing in general relativity
15:50 Freek Roelofs On the Prospects of Imaging Sagittarius A* from Space
16:10 Coffee break
Session 4 – Past and future legacy.   Chair: Christine Jones
16:40 Michiel Brentjens Ger de Bruyn legacy work on the Perseus cluster
17:10 Melanie Johnston-Hollitt Observations of clusters and AGNs with the SKA
17:40 Matteo Guainazzi The Hot Universe with XARM and Athena
18:10 Elina Lindfors Observations of AGNs and the Cluster in Perseus with the Cherenkov Telescope Array
18:40 Outreach event: Theatre play by “Il cuore di Argante”

Tuesday, May 15 – Grand Hotel Sofia

Session 5 – Radio observations of Perseus & clusters.   Chair: Melanie Johnston-Hollitt
09:00 Ruta Kale Low frequency observations of radio relics and halos: windows to the non-thermal phenomena
09:30 Marie-lou Gendron-Marsolais Probing the non-thermal emission in Abell 2146 and the Perseus cluster with the JVLA
10:00 Chat Hull High-dynamic-range 21 cm JVLA observations of the Perseus Cluster
10:20 Coffee break
Session 6 – VLBI observations of 3C 84.    Chair: Hiroshi Nagai
10:50 Gabriele Giovannini Radioastron observations of the jet launch region in 3C84
11:20 Tuomas Savolainen Mini-cocoon around the parsec-scale jet in 3C84
11:40 Junghwan Oh Double nuclear structure discovered in 3C84
12:00 Jeffrey Hodgson 3C 84 and a solution to the “Doppler crisis”?
12:20 Lunch
Session 7 – 3C 84 and the radio-gamma connection.   Chair: Rodrigo Nemmen
13:50 Monica Orienti On the radio and gamma-rays connection in extragalactic relativistic jets
14:20 Alastair Edge The AGN activity of NGC1275 and the ubiquity of AGN in cool core BCGs
14:40 Hiroshi Nagai Inflow and Outflow in NGC1275
15:00 Kazuhiro Hada Observations of nearby relativistic jets with EAVN and EATING VLBI
15:20 Bong Won Sohn EATING VLBI observations of 3C84, Mrk501 and TXS 0506+056
15:40 Coffee break
Session 8 – Outflows and feedback (1).   Chair: Elisabete de Gouveia dal Pino
16:10 Francoise Combes Molecular gas filamentary structures in galaxy clusters
16:40 Raffaella Morganti Young radio jets breaking free: tracing molecular and HI fast outflows in the central regions
17:00 Francesco Massaro Deciphering the large-scale environment of radio galaxies in the local Universe: where do they born, grow and die
17:30 Tour of the city

Wednesday, May 16 – Grand Hotel Sofia

Session 9 – Outflows and feedback (2).   Chair: Raffaella Morganti
09:00 Anna Lia Longinotti Ultra fast outflows, and their connection to accretion and ejection processes in AGNs
09:30 Silvia Pellegrini AGN feedback and the origin and fate of the hot gas in early-type galaxies
09:50 Kiran Lakhchaura Cold gas in giant elliptical galaxies
10:10 Yuan Li The Effects of Ram Pressure on the Cold Clouds in the Centers of Galaxy Clusters
10:30 Feng Yuan Numerical study of AGN feedback in an isolated elliptical galaxy
10:50 Coffee break
Session 10 – Outflows and feedback (3).   Chair: Feng Yuan
11:20 Debora Sijacki AGN feedback: from z ~ 6 protoclusters to massive galaxy clusters in the local Universe
11:50 William Eduardo Clavijo Bohórquez AGN and Star Formation Feedback in Active Galaxies
12:10 jeremy lim Prodigious and Continuous Formation of Super Star Clusters from Cooled Intracluster Gas
12:30 Rukmani Vijayaraghavan The Physics of Galaxy Transformation during Cluster Assembly: Clues from the Perseus Cluster
12:50 William Forman Characterizing the Outburst of the Supermassive Black Hole in M87
13:10 Poster presentations.   Chair: Monika Moscibrodzka
13:40 Lunch
15:30 Excursion and social dinner

Thursday, May 17 – Grand Hotel Sofia

Session 11 – X-ray observations of 3C84 & AGNs.   Chair: Francesco Massaro
09:00 Christopher Reynolds An X-ray view of the active galactic nucleus in NGC1275
09:30 Yasushi Fukazawa X-ray probing of NGC 1275 nuclear region with Hitomi, Swift, and Suzaku
09:50 Francesca Panessa Jets and outflows in AGN: a radio and X-ray view
10:10 Vijay Mahatma Probing the dynamics and energetics of radio galaxies
10:30 Coffee break
Session 12 – X-ray observations of Perseus & clusters.   Chair: Eugene Churazov
11:00 Jeremy Sanders The deep Chandra view of the core of the Perseus cluster
11:30 Takayuki Tamura High energy resolution X-ray spectroscopy of the Perseus core with Hitomi
12:00 Natalia Lyskova Close-up view of an ongoing merger between the NGC 4839 group and the Coma cluster
12:20 Alessandro Ignesti Thermal – non-thermal connection in radio mini halos.
12:40 Lunch
Session 13 – Galaxy cluster dynamics and energetics.   Chair: Irina Zhuravleva
14:10 Eugene Churazov gas structure and dynamics in galaxy clusters;
14:40 Kristian Ehlert Dynamics of AGN bubbles and cosmic rays in cool core clusters
15:00 Michele Doro Constraints to dark matter lifetime with deep observations of Perseus with the MAGIC telescopes
15:20 Elias Koulouridis The XXL survey: The role of cluster mass in AGN activity
15:40 Coffee break
Session 14 – The AGN-cluster interaction in Perseus.   Chair: Francoise Combes
16:10 Irina Zhuravleva AGN-driven Perturbations in the Hot Gas in the Perseus Cluster
16:40 Martin Bourne Moving mesh simulation of jet feedback in galaxy clusters
17:00 Yi-Hao Chen Feedback in the Perseus Cluster: Magnetized Jets, Bubbles, and Heat Pumps
17:20 Congyao Zhang Generation of Internal Waves by Buoyant Bubbles in Galaxy Clusters and Heating of Intracluster Medium
17:40 Paramita Barai Intermediate-Mass Black Hole Feedback in Dwarf Galaxies: a View from Cosmological Simulations
18:30 Visit and dinner at the radio telescope

Friday, May 18 – Grand Hotel Sofia

Session 15 – Gamma-ray observations of 3C 84 & AGNs (1).   Chair: Paola Grandi
09:00 Eleonora Torresi Gamma-ray emission in radio galaxies, from MeV to TeV
09:30 Rodrigo Nemmen Searching for QPOs in the gamma-ray emission of NGC 1275
09:50 Narek Sahakyan Rapid Gamma-Ray Variability of NGC 1275
10:10 Giulia Migliori Young radio sources in gamma-rays: 3C 84 and PKS 1718-649
10:30 Coffee break
Session 16 – Gamma-ray observations of 3C 84 & AGNs (2).   Chair: Monica Orienti
11:00 Rocco Lico Exploring the the radio and GeV-TeV gamma-ray connection in the different blazar sub-classes
11:20 Dorit Glawion IC 310: Lightning from the Black Hole?
11:40 Juan Carlos Rodriguez Ramirez Very High Energy and Neutrino Emission  from NGC1275 and IC310: GRMHD Simulations of Magnetic Reconnection and Radiative Transfer/Particle Calculations.
12:00 Lunch
Session 17 – Magnetic fields and relativistic jets.   Chair: Keiichi Asada
13:30 Denise Gabuzda Magnetic fields in relativistic jets
14:00 Elena Nokhrina The correlation between magnetic flux and jet power
14:20 Andrzej Zdziarski What is the power of jets?
14:40 Xinwu Cao Why only a small fraction of quasars are radio loud?
15:00 Coffee break
Session 18 – Simulations of jets and winds.   Chair: Gabriele Giovannini
15:30 Alexander Tchekhovskoy Black hole accretion and relativistic jets
16:00 Sergey Bogovalov Ratio of kinetic-to-bolometric luminosity at the  “cold” disk accretion onto black holes
16:20 Izak van der Westhuizen Monte-Carlo emission modelling of hydrodynamic AGN jet simulations
16:40 Bhargav Vaidya Hybrid Framework for modelling non-thermal emission and particle acceleration from magnetised relativistic flows.
17:00 Defu Bu Wind production from central black hole accretion flow and region beyond AGNs
17:20 Concluding remarks