The Perseus cluster has recently been the stage of some ground-breaking discoveries: on ultra-fine linear scales, space-VLBI has revealed fundamental details of the jet launching mechanism; on large scales, at superb energy resolution, Hitomi has revealed surprising details about the gas dynamics shaking our current understanding of the cool core phenomenon; in gamma rays of high and very high energy, dramatic activity with extremely short time scales has been reported both in NGC1275 and IC310. The importance and timeliness of discussing these and other topics, including feedback, is enhanced by the many developments recently achieved also in the fields of theory of accretion and particle acceleration, as well as to the great improvement in performance and accuracy of numerical simulations and imaging techniques.

We will gather multi-wavelength observers and theoreticians, experts from the event horizon out to the Megaparsec scales, encouraging interactions and discussion in the beautiful Sicilian city of Noto, a location rich in history, culture, nature, well-being, and science, near to the INAF 32m radio telescope and the CTA-ASTRI prototype.
Participation of qualified scientists with limited means of support, e.g., colleagues from economically less privileged countries and young scientists, will be facilitated thanks to IAU Travel Grants. Detailed instructions with important dates, procedures for IAU Travel grant application, and logistic information will be circulated in early November.