Supermassive Black Holes and accretion:
    Methods to measure BH mass and spin
    Images from the event horizon telescope
    Hot vs cold accretion, radiatively efficient vs inefficient flows
Jets and outflows (high angular resolution radio observations)
    Space VLBI (Radioastron) imaging of the transverse structure
    Counterjet feature and constraints on free-free absorption and orientation parameters
    Emission from other low-luminosity AGN
Jets and outflows (high energy and VHE observations)
    Site of HE and VHE emission in blazars
    Leptonic vs hadronic processes
    IC 310 and black hole lightning
Jets and outflows (theory and simulations)
    Production mechanism
    MHD processes & particle acceleration
    Numerical simulations of jets and outflows
Cluster core (thermal)
    Hitomi X-ray high resolution spectroscopy
    High angular resolution X-ray observations
    Cold molecular gas filaments in Perseus and other clusters
Cluster core (non thermal)
    Radio bubbles, haloes, and mini-haloes
    Polarization and rotation measure
    Low radio frequency observations
Cluster (theory and simulations)
    Role of shocks and turbulence
    Energy transport
    Mergers vs relaxed clusters
    Jet-ISM interaction
    Black hole-galaxy-cluster co-evolution
    Heating and cooling